Thursday, January 25, 2007

Baby Hat & Socks

A friend of mine from work is having a little boy soon, and I knit this hat and socks for her in November.

Don't ask me how a feather got in the picture.

Yarn: Zara Merino extrafine
Hat Pattern: Yarn Girls Guide to Kid's Knits -- Jester Hat
Sock Pattern: Modification of Yankee Socks, knit from the toe up


Tracy said...

I love the colors you used! I'm a big fan of nontraditional colors for baby wear, and I really like the ones you've chosen. Lucky baby!

Anonymous said...

The cutest socks ever!!!

Dave Daniels said...

That really is a cute little set. Wonderful choice of colors.
(From experience, that looks like the camera strap...ask me how I know...)